What Does It Mean To Speak With Your Feet?

What do you call a quick thinker?

Some common synonyms of intelligent are alert, clever, and quick-witted.

While all these words mean “mentally keen or quick,” intelligent stresses success in coping with new situations and solving problems..

What is another word for quick thinking?

What is another word for quick-thinking?agilealertsmartcleverintelligentbrilliantquick-wittednimblekeenbrainy166 more rows

What does perceptively mean?

If someone calls you perceptive, they mean you are good at understanding things or figuring things out. Perceptive people are insightful, intelligent, and able to see what others cannot. Perceive means “to see”; so, perceptive is a word to describe someone who is good at seeing.

What does we’ve fallen on our feet and no mistake mean?

or to land on your feet. phrase. If you say that someone always falls or lands on their feet, you mean that they are always successful or lucky, although they do not seem to achieve this by their own efforts. He has good looks and charm, and always falls on his feet.

What does come off it mean?

infml used to tell someone that you think what the person is saying is silly or stupid: Come off it, Pete – you know that’s not true! (Definition of come off it! from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

What does it mean to be on your feet?

phrase. If you are on your feet, you are standing up.

What is a word for thinking on your feet?

improvise. make it up as one goes along.

What does fall at your feet mean?

If you fall on your feet, you succeed in doing something where there was a risk of failure.

What does it mean to vote with your dollars?

Dollar voting is an analogy that has been used to refer to the theoretical impact of consumer choice on producers’ actions through the flow of consumer payments to producers for their goods and services.

What does it mean to vote with your feet?

Foot voting is expressing one’s preferences through one’s actions, by voluntarily participating in or withdrawing from an activity, group, or process; especially, physical migration to leave a situation one does not like, or to move to a situation one regards as more beneficial. …

What does it mean to think quick on your feet?

1. to have good ideas and make decisions quickly in a difficult situation. You have to think on your feet in this job.