Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Of Being Defensive?

What is the meaning of being defensive?

Someone on the defensive is concerned with justifying their actions or words.

They have a defensive attitude as they try to protect themselves.

If you know that to defend is to protect, you have an idea what defensive means.

When a person is acting defensive, they’re trying to protect or justify themselves..

What is a defensive communication trying to protect?

Defensive communication is one of the most prevalent, and unfortunately destructive, types of defense mechanism that addicted individuals may use. Defensive communication happens when a message triggers a sense of threat, and therefore defensiveness, on the part of the listener.

How can I communicate without getting defensive?

Be Secure In Who You Are. You’re less likely to get defensive or hurt over something when you know for sure that it’s not true. … Stop Retaliating & Genuinely Listen. … Use “I” Statements. … Think Long-Term Instead Of Short-Term. … Learn How To Receive Criticism. … It’s OK To Be Wrong.

What is defensiveness a sign of?

Defensiveness can be seen as an avoidant coping strategy, which we may choose to dodge dealing with the stress of taking responsibility for our actions. It may feel challenging at first, but we can train our minds into viewing criticism as an opportunity for problem solving and growth.

Is being defensive a sign of guilt?

The Guilt Response: That being said, getting defensive in the face of confrontation is a very human response. … Some people get defensive or even offensive out of guilt. Feeling guilty for doing something like stealing, is normal. Some individuals take guilt to an unhealthy extreme.

Why do people get defensive?

People who are acting defensively are essentially trying to protect themselves from feeling a certain uncomfortable way, and from viewing themselves as a failure or otherwise in a negative light.

What is another word for defensive?

In this page you can discover 53 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for defensive, like: guarding, combative, touchy, prickly, armed, irritable, unfriendly, the defensive, attacking, defensively and tactical.

What is the opposite of attacker?

What is the opposite of attacker?allyfriendconfederatecomradecolleaguepartnercollaboratorbackerhelperbedfellow9 more rows

What are two synonyms for defense?


What’s another word for defense?

Defense Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for defense?armourUKarmorUSdefenceUKammunitioncoverguardprotectionresistancesafeguardfortification108 more rows

What is the antonym of defense?

Defense is the opposite of offense.

What does non Defensive mean?

We are using non-defensive communication when we ask questions, make statements and predict consequences in an open, sincere way without trying to control how other people respond. We can gather accurate information, speak with clarity, protect ourselves, and hold others more accountable.