Question: What Food Can I Carry To USA From India?

Can I carry food items to USA from India?

Food Products (Raw and Prepared) As a general rule, condiments, vinegars, oils, packaged spices, honey, coffee and tea are admissible.

Because rice can often harbor insects, it is best to avoid bringing it into the United States..

What can I bring to USA from India?

Kitchen SuppliesPressure Cooker. Well, this is the first and foremost thing everyone recommends but they are heavy and take space. … Chakla (Rolling Board) / Belan (Rolling Pin) … Tava & Chimta for Chapatis. … Spices Box & Indian Spices. … Cutlery & other utensils. … Kadai, Pots, and Pans. … Other Miscellaneous.

What food items are prohibited to bring into us?

Meat, milk, egg, poultry, and their products, including products made with these materials, such as dried soup mix or bouillon, are either prohibited or restricted from entering the United States, depending on the types of animal diseases which occur in the country of origin.

Can you take food on a plane to USA?

Solid food items (not liquids or gels) can be transported in either your carry-on or checked bags. Liquid or gel food items larger than 3.4 oz are not allowed in carry-on bags and should be placed in your checked bags if possible.

Can I carry rice to USA from India?

All varieties of rice are allowed as long as the hull is removed. The exception is rice from countries that contain the Khapra beetle (including India, Turkey, Israel and a host of others). Flour and products made from it, from wheat to cornmeal, are allowed, as are noodles and ramen.

Can I carry spices to USA from India?

Even if you are allowed to take certain items from India, US need not allow you to import those items because it is subject to their rule. … Normally when one travels to US he takes small quantities of spices for his domestic use and again normally it is allowed and not thrown away at US airports.